Vitamix vs Breville – Which one?

VItamix and Breville are very good blenders, but what are the differences ?

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Vitamix and Breville are two different appliances. The Breville is a juicer where the Vitamix is a blender. With either you are taking in fresh fruits and vegetables, you will benefit!!!

The main difference is that with the Vitamix blender you have the fiber with your juice making your drink much thicker, but also in my opinion more filling. A juicer is good if you are doing a fast and you want your body to rest from digestion for a period. Some say you need to be careful with a juicer because you can be taking in a ton of (natural) sugar without the fiber to help your body deal with it.

Also between the Breville Juicer and the Vitamix you have VERY high RPM (Revolutions per Minute) this is actually damaging for veggies

If you’re serious about your health, which I can tell that you are, you will want to research higher quality juicers. The Vitamix is actually not a juicer, it is a blender. A juicer by definition is a machine that will make you juice and will separate out the pulp. Juicers are superior to blenders because of several reasons:

1) You can consume more veggies because you will not get full on just the fiber.

2) It tastes WAY better than from a blender which makes veggies and fruits together come out extremely pulpy, thick and not very tasty.

3) It is easier on your stomach. The very high amount of skin and other high-fiber substances from the skin and outer coating of veggies and fruits can be hard on your stomach to digest. However, with a juicer you still get the nutrition from the JUICE which has the vast majority of the nutrients.

The Breville is a juicer but it is a Centrifugal Style juicer which is the juicer that kills a lot of the nutrition in the juice by spinning really fast (over 10,000 RPM). This actually generates heat and does damage to veggies and alot gives you very little juice out of leafy greens compared to a good juicer.

Here is a fast guide to great juicers (which you can get for even less than the Breville, if you don’t mind having a manual juicer.

Source: I have a Juicer website and have done a lot of research on juices. I’ve studied the original juicers such as Jay Kordich and have read Harvard and Stanford studies on juicing.

Personally I would love to own both. If I could only choose one I would get a Vitamix.



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