Remove Tattoo without using Laser 2020

Before you spend a dime on tattoo removal, you need to know something VERY important. That the tattoo REMOVAL industry makes a lot more than the artists do on tattoos… For no reason other than the PAIN of having an unwanted tattoo. PAIN that they take to the bank! WHERE THERE’S MONEY, THERE’S GREED MY […]

Make money using Netflix in lockdown 2020

Hello Guys welcome back to another blog , but this time i am going to be talking about something different. I am going to be talking about making easy money using Netflix. This information is good for people who are in self isolation,lockdowns or just want to generate side income . In this blog i […]

The Top 5 Brushes for Makeup in 2020

Hello in this blog i am going to be talking about the top seven products that every women should have in their handbags,to get them easily i will also leave a link with each product that i will review. so Stay tuned. Number 1 The first one i am going to be talking about is […]