5 best selling baby products that i use in 2020

Hello, i am going to be talking about the 5 best baby sellers, these is a must have in the household if you have a child or your about to have a child . In this blog i will go through each 5 products which i use as well as i have a 5 month old child too . So stay tuned. This is an honest review as i have mentioned i use these on my baby . Also i am going to be showing you how to use all these step by step.

Number 1

WaterWipes Super Value Box

Now for the first product is none other then Water wipes, Water wipes are amazing i have been using it on my child from day 1 and since then it has not left no rashes or marks.It is quality product. On the other hand it is made of 99% water, so yeah it is safe to use.

How to use;

When changing nappy, you clean the baby with the wipes , preferable to use 2 wipes maximum .

Number 2

Sudocrem Nappy Rash Cream Kit – Includes Sudocrem Care & Protect 30g + Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream 125g + My Little Sudocrem 22g – Nappy Rash Treatment | Baby Barrier Cream | Handy size Sudocrem

Now following up from the water wipes , This is a must have if you have a child, this product i have been using since day one too. I have not changed cream because it does what the name says. It is amazing ,

How to use this ;

When You have used the wipes to clean the bottom of the baby , then you apply two fingers worth of sudocrem around it , you do not clean it with tissue nothing you leave it on then make the baby wear the nappy.

Number 3

So the third one is Nappies the nappies i am going to be talking about is Fred & Flow and Mamia nappies , There is a lot of nappies available to choose from , and people prefer Pampers etc or big brands, But shall i be honest i have never used pampers before, Because it is expensive as well and the baby going to be changing like every 2 hours,  but i recommend these alternatives , it could save you few pounds/dollars, and it works exactly the same way .

Fred & Flow

This is the nappies i have been using from tesco , You can get it from size 0 and onwards, i have only been using until size 2

So the Fred & Flow you can get it in your local Tesco supermarkets. They are good nappies from size 0 the price starts from $1 /0.75p. The best thing about these nappies are that it is comfortable and it has a colour changer line on the nappy.

So how that works is that if your baby has done a pee it changes colour so you know it is time to change . Pretty cool isn’t it .

I have been using this from day 1 , size 0 until size 2 i have been using. Why i have not carried on using this is that we tried Size 3 as baby grows up but it was uncomfortable even the wife was saying it. So then we started using Mamia Nappies. Which is amazing that is the one i will be talking about now.

ALDI Mamia Newborn Nappies, Size 1, (24 Nappies) Ultra Dry Air System

So i Purchased these when i got recommended from a relative, and to be honest so far they have proved to be very good and good quality , these are being used now for a month and i have not had a problem with these , it is nice and colourful from the inside and its cheaper. You can get this from amazon as well as your local supermarkets ALDI, To be honest getting it from the supermarkets is relatively more cheaper then amazon . but if you do not have ALDI supermarkets, then amazon your best bet.

Number 4

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion, 150 ml

Now for the 4th product i recommend Aveeno Baby, this is the best cream ever for babies, i first started using this when i got it recommended by my doctor.

before this i was using Johnson products, i brought a full kit but it was a waste of money to be honest , when i started using Johnson products my baby started getting rash/ red on her skin, then i asked my doctor about this he told me do not use Johnson products, he recommended this Aveeno baby now i use this moisturiser only nothing else on my baby , now my baby skin looks nice and fresh . When my baby has  a bath i only use Aveeno shampoo which i will be talking about now .i only used these two i do not use no powder or no other chemical based products.

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Gentle Wash, 500 ml

This is a product i was talking  about when my baby has a bath i used this to on my baby hair/head . I recommend these two Aveeno products then all these other products such oil, powders, cream etc . Waste of money .these are the only two you need.

Number 5

Vatika Naturals Olive Enriched Hair Oil Nourish and Protect 200 ml

This product is not a baby product i know, but the doctor recommended me to use olive oil on hair of your baby instead other products, you can use any type of olive hair oil you want, everyone knows the benefit of olive oil , it protects your hair from daily wear and tear, it has almonds in it so it softens and strengthens hair and it is also made to repair the damaged shafts of the hairs.  so i recommend olive oil.

So guys there you have it i use all these things on my baby , and it has made a Hugh difference and impact on my baby , my baby is more healthy and have not had any skin problems , if you follow this guide then your baby will be the same .

i recommend stop using different chemicals on your baby and just stick with natural products . These products that i outlined could save you a fortune .

i know people are going to disagree with me , but i have been using the products on my baby as well as recommendation of the doctor and i have had no problem with my babies skin.

So i hope you liked this blog , and hope you visit my website, you could get up to 75% off amazon products if you visit my site and choose products. well guys see ya

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